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Laser Engraving

Custom Laser engravings in Stone, Wood, Glass, and More!

Specializing in living / past pet engravings using the actual footprints and photographs.

Capturing the footprints is easy using a special earth based clay along with stamp ink / paper. Local or non local it is a relativity simple process. I have materials on hand for all local customers. Materials are inexpensive if non-local. See Instructions for materials to capture prints.

You pay for a template creation once, template creations are $30 max  per paw print (the more paw print templates you have at once, discount allotted based on making templates under the predetermined time allotment.. Min $5 for any template design.

Engravings are min $15 on wood (large dog paw print size on pine plank wood) or engraved on a 4 inch agate.  Add $5 for a hole drilled in agate. Engraving on a necklace add necklace cost of $25-35 average.

 Wholesale options available.

Below are some examples of engravings I have made cor customers.

Contact Me today to have a laser engraving made just for you!


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