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About Us

Here at Alaskan Lapidary, we travel far into the mountains and river valleys seeking unique, unusual, and uncommon minerals to transform into works of art. Sometimes we adventure 50 miles out from the nearest road by quad bike and hiking, over 100 miles from the nearest major town. Often times, these gems are found in the most remote places where our window of opportunity to collect them lasts only a few month, before they get covered in snow again.

While Alaska has a great selection of materials for lapidary, the short season for prospecting puts the rush on to find as many unique rocks as possible. Usually, the season to enter most remote areas safely lasts a few months. Thus, we work with unique and unusual stones from around the world bringing you a large selection of materials to view. Currently, we have over 1000 lbs of rock to that can be crafted into something you will cherish.

We have a shop full of equipment containing specialized tools to shape and polish stones. Most of these tools we received from old timers had the tools rusting away outside or in their sheds. We restored these old machines to a fully functional status and enjoy using the high quality, heavy duty tools that were made in America. Using our vast assortment of equipment and our passion for rocks, we are able to bring out the inner beauty of each and every stone.

As a result of this, we offer a selection of unique, hand crafted items that came from our adventures which you can enjoy without having to leave the comfort of your home! Help us out by sharing this page with your friends and family.