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Alaskan Rock Types

These are rough rock types that we have a decent supply of (at least 5 to 10 pounds or more) that we can use to create items for you.

Please note that the photos shows are example photos of the type of stone that we have.

Apart from the stone types listed we have many other unique stones that we can make a limited number of items from.

Name / Info
 Rough Rock Photo
polished/ cut / cleaned specimen photo

Comes mostly in red, green, and yellow.


Grouped with Asbestos, not toxic when polished.



 Limited Rare

 Rainbow Rhyolitic ash
 Low stock
 Limited, rare in high silica content.

 Petrified wood
 Low stock
 Common, jewelry quality is rare
Thunderegg outer parts 


 Colorful Agates
 Limited Limited

 Pink Agate
 Available Common
 Thundereggs Limited Limited

 Smokey Agate

 Fossil Coral
 Available Limited

 Rhyolite Available Common

 Butterscotch Jasper
 Available Common

 Spirit Stones
  Calcopyrite Available Limited

 Bornite Limited Rare

 Prehnite Available Rare

Septarian nodule
 Limited unommon

 Amber Limited Extremely rare in large pieces

 Rare Hard to find
 Moss Agate
 Very Rare
 Almost impossible to hope to find
 Chrysanthemum stone
 rare with many flowers
 Oceanic fossils in marble.
 limited limited
brecciated volcanic glass
 rare limited