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The Arctic Circle Trip

posted May 4, 2017, 10:26 PM by Glenn Zisa   [ updated Jul 13, 2021, 12:39 AM ]

Our trip driving up to the highest point of Alaska through the Arctic Circle is an amazing trip. Luckily we went at the right time when the bugs were to a minimum. There were not many interesting rocks to be found until we went over Atigun Pass. Along the way, we did manage to get some nice photographs at least. Once we arrived, we found many fossil corals. It became a matter of choosing the ones we wanted. It is amazing to think that this is some of the oldest known fossils on the planet and they are on the tops of the mountains. This area had a lot of oil shale that resembles jasper but has a very strong smell when broken. Most of our coral fossil coral smells like crude oil when being created into jewelry so we often take breaks with these as the smell can be a bit overwhelming at times. Overall this was a relaxing trip and over 1,600 miles driven. If you would like to own a piece of the Arctic please contact us and we will work to create you something spectacular.